International operations


Development of the Belarusian NPP decommissioning concept

Republic of Belarus

Dismantling of the reactor pressure vessel at Oskarkhamn and Barsebäcks NPPs


Supply of equipment for RAW management for Khmelnytskyi NPP


Supply of LRW evaporation unit


Supply of RAW curing plant


Upgrading of RAW incineration facility


Construction of SRAW Incineration and Compaction Plant at Akkuyu NPP site


Supply of equipment for handling used ion-exchange resins


Manufacturing and delivery of installations for sorting, shredding and pre-pressing of SRAW, incineration of SRAW and LRW, as well as delivery of drain water treatment system to Kudankulam NPP.


Manufacturing and delivery of installations for sorting, shredding and pre-pressing of SARW to Tianwan NPP


The decommissioning and radioactive waste management integrator is actively promoting its services in foreign markets and is a participant of working groups in international decommissioning and RAW management projects

The main objective of the industry integrator’s international activities is to provide foreign partners with competitive and efficient solutions for decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities and radioactive waste management.

We consolidate the best technologies of Rosatom State Corporation in this area and offer them to foreign partners to solve national-level tasks.

The integrator has already signed memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements with many foreign partners, including those in the CIS countries, as part of the development of the business area for decommissioning of NRHF and RAW management.

In addition, the integrator’s experts regularly represent Rosatom State Corporation and the Russian Federation at events of the International Atomic Energy Agency, including the IAEA General Conference, and also act as organizers of specialized events on decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

We also participate in the international project on decommissioning of MIRDEC small medical, industrial and research facilities, launched by the IAEA, as well as in conferences on topical issues of nuclear decommissioning.

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