Scientific and technological operations

One of the main tasks of the decommissioning integrator is to consolidate and develop innovative technologies for decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities and RAW management

Our company is the initiator, customer and investor of research and development works for the development of decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities and radioactive waste management business line.

The decommissioning integrator consolidates the competencies and technologies of nuclear industry enterprises with relevant research,development, and production facilities.

“When implementing innovations in decommissioning, efficient coordination between different companies in the nuclear industry is crucial. We are forming technological alliances and consortia both within Rosatom and with the involvement of external partners to promote Russian technologies in new markets.”

We develop innovative technologies for decontamination and fragmentation of equipment, RAW handling for subsequent wide implementation in the industry.

Since 2021, the decommissioning integrator has also been a business customer for projects of the Unified Industry Item Related Plan, a common set of research and development activities contributing to the global technological leadership of Rosatom State Corporation.

The decommissioning integrator has developed an integrated technology of foam decontamination and protection of radiation contaminated facilities using three types of foams - dense, volumetric and containing. R&D was implemented on the basis of VNIINM JSC, which is one of the integrator’s competence centers for decommissioning and RAW management.
The decommissioning integrator developed the technology and built a prototype waterless decontamination facility for overalls. The development was implemented on the basis of Radium Institute named after V.G. Khlopin JSC and can be used in decontamination shops at NPPs or at radiochemical industry facilities.

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