Preparation for decommissioning

The decommissioning and RAW management integrator provides a wide range of services as part of the preparatory phase of decommissioning

Preparation for decommissioning is the starting point for the safe and environmentally sound completion of the life cycle of a nuclear facility.

The integrator provides services to develop concepts and programs for decommissioning of operating plants or facilities under construction, including for nuclear power plants. We are ready to support the customer’s project not only in Russia, but also abroad.

“The integrator provides comprehensive support and offers the safest, most efficient and cost and time optimized option for decommissioning customer sites.”

The company’s services include performing a comprehensive engineering and radiation survey of the site, preparing a concept for decommissioning the facility, conducting a feasibility study and providing the most acceptable option to the customer.

We provide development of the terms of reference and decommissioning project , as well as preparation of a safety justification report and a set of documents for obtaining a decommissioning license.

For the most effective solution of the customer’s tasks, the integrator additionally consults on selection of process equipment - liquid and solid waste management facilities, decontamination of equipment or building structures, segmenting (cutting, stripping) of large-sized units, machines, containers.



Decommissioning integrator provides services to develop decommissioning concepts for nuclear power plant units.

The document presents the main measures to ensure the safety of the decommissioning process, a list of systems and equipment required to perform the work, proposals and recommendations for dismantling and decontamination of equipment and structures, an assessment of the total amount, type, categories of RAW generated and other parameters important for planning the decommissioning of the facility.


The decommissioning integrator has a unique technology of digital comprehensive engineering and radiation survey (CERS) of the facility, which is implemented шт the premises of the competence center of the Central Design and Technology Institute (CDTI JSC).

We offer to perform a digital CERS using such advanced technologies as 3D laser scanning and spherical panoramic photography of buildings, premises and structures of nuclear and radiation hazardous facility.

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