Rehabilitation and re-cultivation of contaminated land

The decommissioning and RAW management integrator provides site remediation services during the final phase of decommissioning of a nuclear facility

The decommissioning integrator performs site remediation of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities, including nuclear legacy facilities: tailing ponds, liquid and solid radioactive waste storage repositories.

The integrator company provides site remediation services, including cleanup of industrial sites, characterization and sorting of radiation contaminated soils, creation of protective shields and radiation monitoring.

Depending on the decommissioning strategy of NRHF- in place entombment or nuclear energy facility elimination - we remediate the territories to a brownfield site or greenfield site condition. In the first case, the site becomes suitable for subsequent industrial use; in the second case, it can be removed from mandatory regulatory control and used for the construction of civil and social infrastructure facilities.


Innovative technology of stream characterization and sorting of radiation contaminated bulk materials is used within the framework of remediation of territories for further processing of radioactive waste. Any bulk material is accepted for recycling - soil, sand, slag, crushed concrete and bricks.

Separation of radiation contaminated bulk materials is performed on an automated unit - a conveyor belt with several modules for gamma-spectrometric measurements and sorting of soils according to specified parameters of the nuclide vector.

The unit allows separating clean bulk material from contaminated one, and to classify contaminated bulk material as radioactive waste of one or another category for further conditioning and transfer to the National RAW Management Operator. 

Decommissioning integrator provides turnkey remediation services for contaminated sites. The works include development of design and detailed documentation, preparation of the site for being handled by the engineering and technical support organization (erection of necessary utility systems, arrangement of special vehicle decontamination stations, sanitary inspection stations etc.). 
When remediating sites, we dismantle old buildings and structures, confine scrap, create protective screens and install fences. All works are carried out with mandatory radiation monitoring. 

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