Design and construction of RAW final isolation sites

The final stage of radioactive waste management is its burial. The decommissioning integrator offers its customers services for the establishment of final repositories for radioactive waste

The decommissioning integrator provides consulting services in the field of final isolation of radioactive waste in radioactive waste landfills (RAWL) and offers comprehensive support in the establishment of national RAW management systems.

At the design stage of the final repository, we assist in justifying the selection of sites for RAWLs, conduct comprehensive surveys of potential sites and develop designs taking into account the planned amount of radioactive waste to be disposed of.

The decommissioning integrator engages the best specialists in the industry to develop detailed and design documentation, provides services for the design of the final repositories, production, supply and installation of the necessary equipment, including its maintenance and passing various state expert reviews.

The company accompanies the customer at all stages of construction of the final repository for radioactive waste, including repository commissioning and obtaining operating licenses.

In the post-warranty period, we offer equipment service, which includes service repair, technical support and personnel training.


The decommissioning integrator has extensive industry experience in establishing radioactive waste disposal landfills. The projects are implemented on the basis of the National Operator for Radioactive Waste Management (NORAWM FSUE), which is included in the decommissioning business line. Currently, NORAWM FSUE is building radioactive waste shallow disposal landfills (RAWSDL) in Seversk and Ozersk for radioactive waste of hazard classes 3 and 4 - medium-level short-lived and low-level waste. In addition, a geological repository for radioactive high-level waste of hazard classes 1 and 2 is being constructed in Krasnoyarsk region. When designing final repositories, the integrator’s companies develop unique technical solutions for engineering and using natural protective barriers for safe long-term storage. 
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